Leyla Loued-Khenissi

I seek to understand consciousness and the self through the study of brain and behavior in the context of decision-making. This has led me to conduct research on neuroimaging and addiction (Columbia University, UCLA); behavioral economics (The Open University); and neuroeconomics (EPFL). I view the brain through the prism of fMRI; behavior through economic, psychological and psychophysical tasks; and capture hidden variables with the help of various computational frameworks.

In my current position as a post-doctoral fellow in the ToPLab, I continue to  study  human behavior and decision-making, this time using pain as currency.  What does pain look like in the brain? How can we measure pain? How is pain modulated by expectation or uncertainty? How do we recognize pain in others? What do we do to avoid or mitigate pain? All these questions circle back to the self's continuous dialogue with its environment. Answering some of them can shed light on big questions concerning consciousness and the nature of the self.