About our developmental studies with children



Our lab is specialised into the comprehension of working memory in children and adults. Our main aim is to understand:

(1) how children and adults maintain short-memory information
(2) how and why is changes in time, and
(3) how the limited capacity of the working memory can limit high-level cognitive activities during development (for example learning, mental calculation, reasoning and problem solving).

In order to shed light on these questions, we test children and young adults, with the use of short-memory tasks in which participants are asked to keep in mind some information for some seconds. For example, we can show sequentially four words to maintain, and after some seconds, why can ask to the participant to recall them in the presentation order. Sometimes, participants are required to perform a second task between the presentation of the stimuli and the recall phase. 

Examining the recall responses and the performance to the other task, we can understand how participants elude forgetting and how this changes with changes with the age.


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With our studies we want to describe, explain and optimise the limited capacity of working memory and its age development.  

We often go to schools for our studies, and we also aim to create partnerships between schools and our laboratory. We usually organise workshops about brain, cognition and memory in the classes and the schools who helped us in our research.

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