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Internships proposed in the lab to students B2-B3 (3 ECTS):

**call closed for the spring semester of 2022, but you can always contact us if you're interested in doing an internship in our team**

Are you interested in research? Would you like to work with children?

Come and join Prof. Evie Vergauwe's Working Memory, Cognition, and Development lab!

We currently have two proposed projects in developmental cognitive psychology. Each of these projects gives you the opportunity to work with children from primary school and allows you to discover different stages of research. The first project investigates which types of distractors in the environment disturb our memory performance the most. The second project aims to determine if school-aged children use mechanisms to maintain information in working memory in a recognition task. 


-       Student in B2 or B3
-       Projet 1: 80 hours (3 ECTS) – from February 2022 until June 2022
-       Projet 2: 80 hours (3 ECTS) – from February 2022 until June 2022


-       Data collection of computer tasks with children (in primary schools in the canton of Geneva) and young adults (at the University of Geneva)
-       Communication with the school board and teaching staff of the primary schools
-       Bibliographical research 
-       Assistance in the analysis of the data


-        Eager to learn, motivated to get involved in research
-        Responsible, independent, curious, pleasant, team player
-        Experience with working with children (non-research-related experience counts!)
-        Fluent in French, comfortable in English

To apply, send your CV, last PV results, and a motivation letter to Dr. Nora Turoman for the first project, and to Mme Beatrice Valentini for the second project.

Internships proposed in the lab to students B2-B3 ("crédits libre"):

During this proposed internship, you will be involved in an ongoing research project in the lab. Often, it is an international collaboration proposed by the Psychological Science Accelerator. The aim of the proposed internships is for you to become familiar with "open science" practices (e.g., replication studies, preregistration, open science framework, and large-scale, international collaborations). For more info: contact Evie Vergauwe and/or

Courses taught by members of the lab:

74101 Introduction to developmental cognitive psychology by Prof. Evie Vergauwe

74301 Cognitive development in childhood by Prof. Evie Vergauwe

74189 Scientific skills and knowledge in psychology by Dr. Naomi Langerock

751342 From theories of cognitive development to their practical implications by Dr. Naomi Langerock

Resources related to Reproducibility and Open Science:

CUSO workshop titled "Research in Psychology: From replication crisis to open science" by Prof. Evie Vergauwe

Swiss Open Psychological Science Initiative (SOPSI) by Prof. Evie Vergauwe

Examples of master's research topics:

Examples of master's research topics for the Research colloquium of the cognitive and developmental orientations (751CL2 and 751CL3)

  • How to optimize retention/execution of instructions in the classroom? 

  • Is multi-tasking done differently by children compared to adults? 

  • Does the speed of search in working memory increase with age? 

  • Can we reproduce the famous "Inhibition-of-return effect" in working memory? 

  • Multisensory distraction in working memory as a model for classroom learning.

Laboratoire Mémoire de travail, Cognition et Développement 
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