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Master's research topics:

Master's research topics that are proposed by the lab for the Research colloquium of the cognitive and developmental orientations (751CL2 et 751CL3)

  • How to optimize retention/execution of instructions in the classroom? Contact:

  • Is multi-tasking done differently by children compared to adults? Contact:

  • Does the speed of search in working memory increase with age? Contact:

  • Can we reproduce the famous "Inhibition-of-return effect" in working memory? Contact:

  • Multisensory distraction in working memory as a model for classroom learning. Contact:

In addition, the following two topics were proposed by the lab in 2019 and are currently in progress:

  • The role of motivation in the spontaneous use of attentional refreshing in working memory in children. Contact:

  • Does children's recall performance benefit from the use of attentional refreshing when its use is imposed? Contact:

Classes taught by members of the lab:

74101 Introduction to developmental cognitive psychology

74301 Cognitive development in childhood

74189 Scientific skills and knowledge in psychology

751342 From theories of cognitive development to their practical implications

Teaching related to Reproducibility and Open Science, by Evie Vergauwe :


Swiss Open Psychological Science Initiative (SOPSI) :

Internships proposed in the lab to students B2-B3 ("crédits libres") :

The student intern will be involved in a research project of the laboratory. Often it is an international collaboration proposed by the Psychological Science Accelerator ( The aim of the internships is to propose to the bachelor students to become familiar with replication, large scale collaborations, and "open science" practices. A study is then conducted in different international labs at the same time. The student will learn about, among other things, preregistration, open science framework, the purpose and benefits of replication, etc.   For more info: contact and/or

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