Our research focuses on the biochemistry and physiology behind vitamin biosynthesis and degradation in plants and how these processes interact with other aspects of general primary plant metabolism. We also address aspects of plant stress physiology, more specifically how alteration of vitamin metabolism affects environmental stress responses. Recently, we have also become interested in the association of vitamin metabolism and the circadian clock. In addition to employing the model plants Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) and Oryza sativa (rice) as research organisms, we also use bacteria and yeast in our research projects. A range of multi-disciplinary biological and chemical techniques form part of our research program, that include molecular cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, protein chemistry and selected biophysical techniques.

Vitamins & Environmental Stress Responses
in Plants
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of Geneva,
Quai E. Ansermet 30,
1211-Geneva, Switzerland

Last update: 7 September 2021

Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick

Full Professor
Email: theresa.fitzpatrick(at)unige.ch
 Tel: +41 22 379 30 16 (direct)
Tel: +41 22 379 35 52 (secretary)