Former collaborators

Microbial Ecology

Dr Ziyu Guan
Former PhD fellowships "Using the algae to improve the fresh water quality"

Former PhD fellowships at the Department F.-A. Forel for environmental
and aquatic sciences

I am a PhD student in microbial ecology. The biology resource is a kind of treasure nature sent to our human beings, it can be applied to solve environment problems. As more and more freshwater was polluted, our study is trying to find way to use microalgae to improve the fresh water quality. In order to using algae successfully, we should figure out the mechanism of how they will function to change the water quality. I am focus on the biodiversity and ecosystem function in fresh water. My project was funded by both Chinese Scholarship Council and SNF. I was well trained in microbiology operation. Before I join the team of MECO, I did research in molecule in bacteria. I got my bachelor degree in biology and master degrees in microbiology in China. Now I got the scholarship form Chinese Scholarship Council.