Services - Limnology and Environmental Geology

Services, advice and expertise

As part of its mandate, Institute F. A. Forel provides consulting services and scientific expertises. In theses works, we often link applied and fundamental research, in practicing an interdisciplinary approach. During the last five years, we have in particular treated questions in the following areas:

Environmental geochemistry, ecotoxicology and microbiology

  • Monitoring the quality of river, lake and reservoir sediments
  • Development and implementation of biotests on effluents and sediments
  • Environmental microbiological
  • Diagnosis of lakes and rivers: suspensions (including colloids) and sediments, nutrients and contaminants, biological quality.

Limnology and Limnogeology

  • Bathymetric mapping of lakes and reservoirs
  • Seismic analysis of lake sites

Waste and contaminated sites

  • Site selection for waste disposal
  • Sanitation of landfills
  • Investigation and monitoring of contaminated lake sites
  • Monitoring, geochemical and sedimentary balance of reservoirs
  • Leaching tests

Nuclear safety

  • Safety of nuclear plants
  • Radioprotection
  • Monitoring of environmental radioactivity
  • Concepts of storage for nuclear waste

For any request on services, please contact Jean-Luc Loizeau