LEBA Services

The laboratory of ecology and of aquatic biology offers some services including:

  • Expertises
    • Expertise on fresh water ecosystems (assessement of ecological quality,impact of various disturbances and pollutions): plant communities (vascular hydrophytes, Charophytes) and animal (aquatic macro-invertebrates).
    • Taxonomic expertises on groups of aquatic organisms of fresh water (plants, insects, molluscs).
    • Environmental assessement at the municipal level.
    • Expertise in sustainable water resource management at the watershed and municipal scales.
    • Expertise in the implementation of the sustainable development at the municipal level (Agenda 21).
  • Database, collections  
    • Reference collections (herbarium hydrophytes, samples of benthic invertebrates) -.
    • Development of red lists of threatened aquatic plants in Switzerland (Charophytes, Hydrophytes).
    • Database on hydrophytes (in development) and Charophytes of lakes and ponds of Switzerland.
    • Documents of general and aquatic ecology, of plant systematics (hydrophytes and Charophytes) and animal (invertebrates)...
  • Public conferences on topics:
    • Present state and perspectives of Lake Geneva
    • Water Charter of the Lake Geneva region
    • Resource management in water and sustainable development
    • Sustainable development - agenda 21

Contact: Emmanuel Castella