Ecological quality of fresh water ecosystems

Step Divonne
"La Versoix" River near Divonne

The laboratory of ecology and aquatic biology offers expertises in the fields of ecological quality of fresh water ecosystems and of the water resource management .

  • Expertise on fresh water ecosystems (assessement of ecological quality, impact of various disturbances and pollutions): plant communities (vascular hydrophytes, Charophytes) and animal (aquatic macro-invertebrates).
  • Taxonomic expertises on groups of aquatic organisms of fresh water (plants, insects, molluscs).
  • Development of red lists of threatened aquatic plants in Switzerland (Charophytes, Hydrophytes).
  • Environmental assessement at the municipal level.
  • Expertise in sustainable water resource management at the watershed and municipal scales.
  • Expertise in the implementation of the sustainable development at the municipal level (Agenda 21).

Contact: Emmanuel Castella