Anciens collaborateurs

Biogéochimie marine et lacustre

professeure Christel Hassler
Former Professor of marine and lake biogeochemistry


Former staff at the Department F.-A. Forel for environmental and aquatic sciences


  • Ph.D. in environmental sciences (University of Geneva, Switzerland, December 2003)
  • Certificate of Studies in Microbiology and Parasitology (University of Geneva, 2004)
  • Diploma in Superior Studies in natural Sciences of the Environment (University of Geneva, 1998).
  • Complete CV Hassler.pdf


The research in my group is centred on phytoplankton dynamic, and nutrients biogeochemistry, two key parameters that act together to affect the biogeochemistry of numerous elements including the global carbon cycle and thus the carbon footprint of aquatic systems. Recently our research extends to zooplankton, bacteria and viruses in order to explore how microbial interactions affect the cycling of essential trace elements and carbon. With recent projects our activity is focussed on iron and iron-binding organic ligands as key elements for marine biogeochemistry across the Southern Ocean.