Biogéochimie environnementale et écotoxicologie

Dr Isabelle Worms
Adjointe scientifique
Bureau : A208, Uni Carl Vogt - Laboratoire: 106, Sciences I
Téléphone : Bureau: +41 22 379 0590 - Laboratoire: +41 22 379 6371

I have obtained my PhD in Interdisciplinary Sciences from the University of Geneva in 2007, in the field of metal bioavailability to phytoplankton. My expertise and interests are in development and implementation of new tools and methodologies for the determination of the behavior and impact of different forms of inorganic pollutants, including dissolved metal species, natural and manufactured nanomaterials in the aquatic systems. My expertise includes toxicological and exposure assessment,  biochemical and biomolecular markers, metal speciation techniques development, natural organic matter isolation and characterization and nano-characterization.

Currently I am responsible for methodological developments on the asymmetrical flow-field flow fractionation technique (AFlFFF) hyphenated to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) and on other related ICP- mass spectrometry based techniques and their use for characterization of the fate of natural and manufactured nanoparticles in the environment and their interaction with the leaving systems.