Matériels scientifiques - Biogéochimie environnementale et écotoxicologie

The laboratories of Environmental biogeochemical and ecotoxicology are equipped to conduct ecotoxicity testing and trace inorganic and water quality analysis on a wide range of environmental samples. The complete list of the available facilities can be found on the facility page of the Department F.-A. Forel for environmental and aquatic sciences major equipment includes:


  • Trace Element Clean Preparation Laboratory
  • Trace Element Analysis by ICP-MS
  • Metal speciation techniques: permeation liquid membrane, IET; potentiometric titration
  • Mercury analysis and speciation
  • Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation-multi-detection-system coupled on line with ICP-MS
  • Dissolved organic carbon analysis


  • Flow cytometry
  • Florescence microscopy
  • Coulter counter Multisizer III
  • Microorganisms culturing facilities
  • Autoclave
  • Aquatic toxicity testing facilities
  • Microcosm platform for atmosphere – water – sediment systems and organisms
  • Molecular analysis of plant DNA and bacteria diversity

Services, advice and expertise

The laboratory can provide consulting services and scientific expertises in the area of environmental biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology

  • Surface water quality and inorganic contamination
  • Ecotoxicity assessment of surface waters and effluents, microbiotests
  • Diagnosis of lakes and rivers: suspensions (including colloids) and sediments, nutrients and contaminants, biological quality.