FAQ (English)

Starting in the fall semester of 2022, payments will be made by QR bill. All information is available on your UNIGE portal.

No more invoices will be sent by mail.

There are three ways to pay your fees:

  1. Payment by e-banking, from a Swiss or foreign bank account
  2. By credit card (or Twint)
  3. In a post office in Switzerland: print the QR invoice available on your portal.

> All payment details are accessible on your UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > paiement des taxes semestrielles and on the UNIGE Mobile App.

Please also pay all transfer fees, which are fees assessed by your bank as well as those of the recipient.

Paying the full amount of the fees due allows the student card to be printed,  semester attestation to be downloaded and grants you access to the examination session you will need to successfully complete the semester and/or receive your diploma.

> Please take careful note of the payment deadline indicated :

If you do not pay the fees due within the deadline despite a reminder, you will be automatically unregistered  for non-payment.

You will rapidly gain access to your semester attestation (needed, for example, for requesting student benefits) and you will be able to validate your student ID card in a UNIGE terminal. Please allow around 10 days from the date of payment for your proof of enrolment to become available on your UNIGE portal.

On the UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > paiement des taxes semestrielles, you can see the status of your fees, including any outstanding amount due, as well as payment instructions.

Additionally, within 10 days of paying your fees you should have access to your proof enrolment for the current semester on the UNIGE portal > mon UNIGE > Attestations. It will also show on the UNIGE Mobile app.

If you have paid your fees but still encounter a problem, please submit proof of payment (a debit confirmation from your account, or the QR bill receipt stamped at the post office) via our online platform ( You will need to log in with your UNIGE credentials.

The e-mail is sent from the address: noreply-immatriculation(at)


Payment by reference on QR invoice is linked to the accounts of the University of Geneva. When you are entering your e-banking payment, ‘Université de Genève’ should appear as the recipient.
To verify the general payment details you can visit  your UNIGE portal.

Any reductions you are entitled to by your status (e.g., leave of absence, internship, doctoral studies, etc.) will be automatically applied to the amount due.

Requests for fee relief due to financial difficulties must be submitted between middle and late September to the Social and Financial Services (ex-PSS). If you have requested fee relief, you still need to pay the fixed fees (CHF 65) to avoid unregistration for non-payment. Reminder: fee relief only applies to the administrative fees of CHF 435. The fixed fees (CHF 65) are due in all cases.

Do you have to pay the amount of 65 francs? That does not necessarily mean that you have been granted fee relief for the administrative fees of CHF 435. The CHF 65 due is provisionally established before fee relief requests have been definitively ruled upon. If your request for fee relief is rejected, you will be sent an additional email for the remaining CHF 435 due.

Yes. The administrative fees of CHF 500 are due in all cases unless otherwise specified in Article 77.2 of the University of Geneva Statutes (e.g., leaves of absence or internships). Therefore, you are ineligible for a waiver of University fees because you do not meet any of the applicable criteria.

Paying the full amount of the fees due grants you access to the examination session you will need to successfully complete the semester and/or receive your diploma.

You can process a money transfer using the banking details available by logging to the UNIGE portal > paiement des taxes semestrielles" > Pay by bank transfer/ e-banking. Be sure to indicate in the ‘communication’ field your name (the student’s name) and your student number (in the format XX-XXX-XXX). This is printed on your student ID card, and is also in the fees email.

You are responsible for all transfer fees, which are fees assessed by your bank as well as those of the recipient.

Inform the Admissions Office as soon as possible via the online platform Log in using your UNIGE email address or your login name + password, then ask your question. You can also visit the Admissions Office (Uni Dufour, opening hours).

- If you request exmatriculation in the six weeks following the official start date of the semester*, only the fixed fees of CHF 65 are due.
- After that, you will owe CHF 500 in fees to the University.

If these fees are not paid, they constitute a debt to the University that will be owed if studies are restarted in the future. Additionally, a payment of CHF 50 is assessed for re-enrollment with a debt.

> More information(in French)

* The official start date of the semester is the Monday of week 8 for the Spring semester, and the Monday of week 38 for the Fall semester.

No action on your part is required unless you have registered for another program. If you receive a fees email, you can ignore it. Successfully earning your diploma generates automatic unregistration within a few weeks. You will receive confirmation via postal mail.

> More information (in French)

  • If you do not wish to continue your studies at UNIGE, you should not pay the fees for the subsequent semester.  You will be automatically unregistered  when your elimination is confirmed. If you wish to be unregistered more quickly, you can request your unregistration from the Admissions Office via the online platform (using your UNIGE credentials).
  • If you have appealed the decision to be eliminated and have obtained a suspensive effect (that authorizes you to continue your studies while the appeals decision is being made), you need to pay the semester fees before the stipulated deadline for the subsequent semester.
  • If you have already appealed the decision to be eliminated and have not obtained a suspensive effect, you should not pay the fees. If your appeal is successful and you resume your studies, you will then receive an email to pay your fees and your fees will be update on your portal.

Update your address via the UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > Donnees de contact étudiant.

Please note that ARE and Teaching and Research Assistants cannot update their address via the portal but have to go through the HR department.

Yes, it is important to pay the full fee due (usually CHF 500) even if you have not yet received the award reply from the SBPE (or other institution in your canton). Paying the full fee due allows access to the examination session to which your success is linked, and the delivery of your title if applicable.

  •     If the SBPE gives a positive answer, there is nothing to do because you will have already paid the full amount of the fees (the amount of the scholarship includes the amount for paying the semester fees).
  •     In case of a negative answer, you can contact the Financial Aid Service to see if a fees exemption can be granted.

ATTENTION: if you apply for and receive a scholarship AFTER you have been granted exemption from tuition fees, the latter must be paid. Indeed, the amount of the cantonal scholarships includes the semester fees.

  • If you paid at the post office, use the receipt of the QR bill stamped.
  • If you paid through e-Banking, use the debit notification from your bank / debit advice.
If these documents are not acceptable, or if you need an attestation covering multiple semesters, you can request a personalized attestation on our online platform (then log in with your UNIGE credentials). This service costs CHF 15.

If you paid too much, or if your request for administrative fee (CHF 435.-) relief has been accepted, you can request the reimbursement of administrative fees on the student's portal: > Mon UNIGE > Paiement des taxes semestrielles.

In case of a problem, please contact us via our platform by logging in on the left using your UNIGE credentials, then selecting the ‘taxes’ tab. In the body of your message, be sure to specify your complete banking details:

  • IBAN
  • Bank name
  • Name of bank account holder

and, if you are entitled to reductions, attach a scan of the letter indicating that.

For all urgent questions, log into our online platform: Log in using your UNIGE email address or your login name + password, then ask your question.