CAS Juvenile Justice 2020



Febrero 2020 - Enero 2021
10 Créditos ECTS
40 Horas a distancia
Approximately 8 hours per week should be spent on the CAS. The training takes place in Spanish.




A distancia



Fecha límite para la inscripción

1 Enero 2020

Cuota de inscripción:

CHF 1200.- An invoice is sent with the letter of confirmation of admission.
On request, it is possible to pay the CAS registration fee in several times (maximum 4 payments).


  • Train professionals in understanding and implementing juvenile justice based on a restorative approach and repairing
  • Know the different tools and methods of centred intervention on the rights of the child
  • Develop projects and interventions for children in conflict or in contact with the law while respecting the rights of the child


Professional working with children and adolescents in contact or conflict with the law: police officer, prosecutor, judge, lawyer, public sector employee and prison officer, educator, psychologist, doctor (paediatrician, child psychiatrist, etc.), criminologist, migration professional, actor of non-governmental organizations and international organizations, researcher, etc


  • know the fundamental concepts of juvenile justice (in particular restorative justice), by analysing national, regional and international legal frameworks and taking into account the current social and criminological context at the national, regional and international levels
  • analyse, evaluate and identify the main themes of juvenile justice, risk factors and the protection of children's rights
  • know and be able to implement different intervention methodologies
  • identify the norms, principles and values of restorative juvenile justice and introduce them into their professional practice
  • conduct critical reflection and design projects and interventions for the prevention and promotion of restorative justice
  • develop communication, negotiation and collaboration strategies with the various actors involved in child rights and other organizations in the field
  • develop a network of experts in juvenile justice and restorative approach within institutions dealing with children and youth of adolescents in conflict and in contact with the law


5 modules:

  • Juvenile justice and Restorative Approach
  • The subjects of juvenile justice
  • Procedures and professionals specialized in juvenile justice
  • Execution of measure by the restorative approach
  • Final work


Prof. Philip JAFFÉ, Centre Interfacultaire en Droits de l'Enfant (CIDE), Université de Genève

Dr. Jean ZERMATTEN, Centre Interfacultaire en Droits de l'Enfant (CIDE), Université de Genève

M. Yann COLLIOU, Fondation Terre des hommes – aide à l'enfance (Tdh)


Jenni CADOLA, Centre Interfacultaire en Droits de l'Enfant, Université de Genève

Colaboración externa

Institut international des droits de l’enfant • Fondation Terre des hommes - aide à l'enfance

Condiciones de admisión

  • University degree or bachelor's degree from the University of Geneva,a master's or bachelor's degree from a Swiss university or issued bya university recognized by the University of Geneva
  • Have two years of relevant professional experience in the field oftraining
  • Excellent written and oral command of Spanish and, if possibleanother language, in particular French or English
  • Applications are evaluated by the Steering Committee which reservesthe right to accept applications from persons who have not theuniversity degree. The candidate must then demonstrate professionalskills in the field of training and of his ability to follow the program


Les termes utilisés pour désigner des personnes sont pris au sens générique; ils ont à la fois la valeur d'un masculin et d'un féminin.