MAS Contemporary Art in the Arab World, Iran and Turkey 2020

University of Geneva's collaboration with the Ca 'Foscari Challenge School

The University of Geneva, through its Faculty of Humanities, contributes to the MAS Contemporary Art in the Arab World, Iran and Turkey offered by Ca'Foscari University (Venice) and its Challenge School, a school specializing in continuing education. Most of the courses therefore take place in Venice and upon their successful completion, participants will obtain a "master universitario MAP" (MAS equivalent) totaling 74 ECTS credits. The University of Geneva's collaboration with the Ca 'Foscari Challenge School highlights the work that has been done for many years in the Faculty of Humanities on modern and contemporary art in the Arab world.

The workshop "Philanthropy and Art: the Swiss Case" of the module "Management of art" will take place in Geneva.




February 2020 - December 2020
74 ECTS credits




Ca’ Foscari Challenge School


Registration deadline

11 December 2019


The Master’s Degree Professional Program described here aims to give students specific expertise in contemporary artistic production in the Arab world, Iran and Turkey.  The course of study is not limited to curatorship, but also to art criticism, publicity and publishing.

Through an intensive course of study, students will acquire a range of skills that would assist their response to the requirements of various institutions needing specialised personnel, not just in the Middle East, but globally. At the same time, precisely because the course of study is not limited to curatorship, students will also be able to explore related areas of interest, starting with a choice of internships offered by the programme. They will thus acquire a particularly versatile profile, open to further careers as described below.


The Master's Degree Professional Program will enable students to develop the skills needed to undertake careers in the curatorial sector (in museums, galleries, art fairs and auction houses), in the publishing sector (catalogues, other studies, and art journalism), and in publicity (educational programmes and communication to visitors).


9 modules:

  • Modern and contemporary art. The global perspective
  • Materials and methods
  • Modern art of the Arab world
  • Contemporary art of the Arab world
  • Modern and contemporary art of Turkey
  • Modern and contemporary art of Iran
  • Theory and practice of curatorship
  • Art criticism and writing
  • Management of art


Cristina TONGHINI, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Director

Silvia NAEF, University of Geneva, Scientific Co-Director


Ca' Foscari University of Venice

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