Short course Global Environmental Policy Programme – Strategic Sustainability Leadership Program Executive Training 2020

GEPP trains on global sustainability dynamics, focusing on scientific knowledge, governance and negotiation. It empowers professionals with cutting-edge tools and skills to anticipate, design, implement and monitor localized sustainability transition in private and public institutions.



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80 Teaching hours
GEPP: 10 days SSLP: 3-4 days




On-site – switch over to online-learning if required



Genève, Boston, Muscat, Baku


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Modules can be followed individually


GEPP.Exec: CHF 6800

SSLP: CHF 2000-CHF 4000


  • Conceptualize sustainability from a holistic, interdisciplinary approach
  • Integrate key business sustainability tools and strategic methods within a company or organization
  • Support a long-term strategy based on economic, environment and societial commitments towards new dynamics of global governance
  • Empower participants with entrepreneurial thinking for problem-solving, negotiation techniques, and data scaling tools to trigger impact
  • Develop an international network of sustainability leaders


Motivated professional, changemaker from the public (Government, NGOs, IOs, etc.) and private sector who wish to better understand sustainability practices and global governance to make a positive impact on society and workplace.

Learning outcomes

Negotiations Skills and Consensus Building 

Understanding, Designing, Managing and Monitoring Innovative Strategies to Current and Future Sustainability Challenges 

Mastering Sustianbilty Data Collection, Governance, Analysis and Dissemination  

Circular economy and financial tools for sustainability

Global Governance dynamics and Tools

Sustainability Nexuses 

Integrated risk management 

Sustainability Ethnics and Trade-offs


GEPP.Exec and SSLP embrace the triple bottom line concept: mindful actions and behaviors embracing a global world-view to recognize the connection between environment, economy and society. GEPP takes place in Geneva, with modules on diagnostic method, design thinking, forecasting/backcasting potential challenges, strategic use of data in negotiations, climate, energy, cities, environmental, financial, and policy data. SSLP takes place internationaly, with modules on practical implementation of sustainability transitions depending on the specificities of the context.  


Dr. Alexandre HEDJAZI, Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), University of Geneva


Dr. Alexandre HEDJAZI, University of Geneva and Dr. Matteo TARANTINO, University of Geneva


UN Environment Program • Harvard University ZOFNASS Program

Admission criteria

Higher education diploma 

Professional experience 

Number of participants

Le nombre de participants est adapté à la pédagogie choisie.

Les termes utilisés pour désigner des personnes sont pris au sens générique; ils ont à la fois la valeur d'un masculin et d'un féminin.