Short course Luxury Digital Law Day "Technology and Sustainability in the Luxury Industry" 2021

Webinar initiative focusing on current issues related to the luxury industry and its digital expansion. The webinar addresses hot topics such as Branding Luxury in the Digital World, E-Commerce and Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence and Privacy.



11 June 2021
4 Distance teaching hours
Online education course with built-in interactive features (surveys, case studies, etc.)




Distance learning


For information about Registration, Fees and Certificates email us (indicate "Luxury Digital Law" in the subject line).
+41 22 379 30 50


The "Luxury Digal Law Day" will take place online via Zoom.


Early bird deadline

23 May 2021

Registration deadline

9 June 2021


Regular fee: CHF 200 (early bird: CHF 175)
Alumni: CHF 180 (early bird: CHF 160)
Student: CHF 60


Professional (not limited to the legal community) interested in issues related to the production, distribution, marketing, and protection of luxury products and the opportunities and challenges that arise in the digital world.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • understand the issues of digital law that are covered and will be discussed in the sessions
  • use the knowledge gained in the sessions and apply it to their own professional fields
  • use the knowledge gained in the sessions and apply it to make decisions and judgments in their own professional fields


  • Technology and Sustainability in the Luxury Industry
  • Challenges and Opportunities of the Circular Economy in the Luxury Industry


Prof. Jacques DE WERRA et Prof. Irene CALBOLI, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva


Hélène Bruderer, Siroos Tanner and Rui Yan, University of Geneva


Certificates of Participation

Registered participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the webinar(s) attended


The event will take place via Zoom. Registered participants will receive a specific email to their email address with the Zoom link and password to access the webinar a week before the date of each webinar.

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