Laurent Fernandez




Toulouse, France
Fun fact about yourself:
I never wanted to leave my
hometown when I was a kid
and ended up travelling
(and sometimes living)
all over the world...


Prior employer and job title:

Independent consultant in information management (main client: IFRC)

Describe one of the major accomplishments in your career so far:

Shifting from a purely technical to a more strategic level profile

What is the key factor that made you decide to enroll in the IO-MBA?

I needed to understand how international organizations build their strategies in line with their mandates as well as their limitations and challenges. I was also aiming at shaping and strengthening my profile as a “digital transformation advisor” and was therefore interested in scenario planning, change management and cross sector partnerships.

What do you plan to do after IO-MBA?

Be a digital transformation and information management strategy advisor for humanitarian organizations.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Living in the country-side! More seriously, probably in Geneva because I see some opportunities for me to grow as a professional here as well as to develop my network. This being said, keeping my options open for any exciting opportunity/challenge!

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