Lenka Komarkova




Geneva, Switzerland
Fun fact about yourself:
Love travel, adventure, 
learning and cross culture


Prior employer and job title:

South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP) in Cape Town, Project Coordiator

Describe one of the major accomplishments in your career so far:

My major accomplishment so far was establishment of Foundation Nadace PROMENY in Czech Republic. Foundation mission is transforming neglected sites into beautiful and beneficial places for people. The main aim is working with the local communities, involve community in this change and ensure that the urban environment offers more suitable opportunities for the healthy growth of children.

What is the key factor that made you decide to enroll in the IO-MBA?

Passionate about people and wanting to help them reach their full potential. Love learning and new challenges that broaden my mind.

What do you plan to do after IO-MBA?

My plan is to be more involved in International Development Projects in African countries

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In Africa, helping local communities to reach their full potential


Les termes utilisés pour désigner des personnes sont pris au sens générique; ils ont à la fois la valeur d'un masculin et d'un féminin.