Online Application: MAS - Internet of Things

How to apply

To access the online registration services of the Geneva University continuing education programmes, you will need an ORISIS account. If you already have an account, go straight to step 2 below. Otherwise, go through all the parts of step 1.

1. Create an ORISIS account:
Carefully read the instructions below before clicking on this link to fill in the Application form  for new user.

a. You may only fill in one request for an ORISIS account per email address.
b. Your access codes will be sent to the email address you indicate. 
c. Fill in all the mandatory field of the registration request.
d. Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address.
e. Return to this page and complete step 2 below.

2. Register for the MAS Internet of Things

Click on the link below, enter your identifier and password and fill in the registration form.

IMPORTANT: If at any time in the process you get an error message, please restart your browser and continue the registration process.

Online application in the MAS Internet of Things >>

In case of technical problems please contact: Catherine.Conus(at)