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MAS - Toxicology

How to register

To access the online registration services of the Geneva University continuing education programmes, you need to have an ORISIS account.

If you don't have an ORISIS account yet, you need to go through steps 1 & 2:
Step 1. Create an ORISIS account:
Click on this link and fill in the Registration request for new user, after reading the following instructions:

1. Fill in the request for an ORISIS account. Only one request per email address is possible.
2. Check if the e-mail address you indicate as Identifier is correct. You will receive your access codes at this address.
3. Send the request.
4. Connect yourself to your email box and open the confirmation mail to activate your ORISIS account. Click on the link as indicated.
5. Come back to this page and go through Step 2. You may have to quit your browser and come back to this page.

2. You already have an ORISIS account:
Step 2. Fill out the registration form in the MAS Toxicology:
Click on the link below, enter your identifier and password and fill in the registration form.
If you asked for a new password, come back to this page in order to click on the link below. You may have to quit your browser and comeback to this page.




In case of problem contact: tobias.wehrli(at)

Les termes utilisés pour désigner des personnes sont pris au sens générique; ils ont à la fois la valeur d'un masculin et d'un féminin.