Ruby Bhat




Mumbai, India
Fun fact about yourself:
I love photography and am
a good photographer. My DSLR
is my constant companion on 
every vacation. I stop and click
pictures whenever something 
catches my eye and many times
my group of friends have had a 
hard time locating me because
I would be lost while clicking 


Prior employer and job title:

Indusind Bank Ltd, India- Vice President- Zonal Head Western India

Describe one of the major accomplishments in your career so far:

I increased the revenue in Indusind Bank by 50% in the first year of joining. The revenue for my product, before I joined, was at the same level since the last 3 years. Within 3 financial years the revenue had grown to two and a half times as compared to the time I joined the bank.

What is the key factor that made you decide to enroll in the IO-MBA?

I decided to make a transition to Humanitarian and Development field and the best way to make a career move was to enroll for IO-MBA.

What do you plan to do after IO-MBA?

I intend working in the Humanitarian and Development field in the area of fundraising and project management for the vulnerable and marginalized people.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I want to integrate my skills, knowledge and background of Finance and Private Sector and work in the humanitarian field and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. I have been a successful banker and within next 5 years I see myself as a successful humanitarian by bringing about Public Private Partnerships for the larger good.

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