Victoria Gavard




Kiev, Ukraine
Fun fact about yourself:
Created two small lives, named
Gabriel and Arthur, which means
I am practicing management,
logistics and communication 24/7.
According to my Mom I was obsessed
with becoming an actress and singer
when I was a little girl, so definitely 
want to bring positive vibes to the 
world ;) 


Prior employer and job title:

Bank of Cyprus, Chief Economist and analyst of Treasury Department

Describe one of the major accomplishments in your career so far:

I successfully oversaw the daily approval and control of bank transactions on international markets, managed negotiations with correspondent banks, and organized the archive of a bank department documents for 10 years, while also ensuring the monitoring of and compliance with amendments and changes in banking legislation.

What is the key factor that made you decide to enroll in the IO-MBA?

Having lived 30 years in the capital city of the country were I was born, I am definitely a big city person. In this sense, it was Geneva’s concentration of International Organization and feeling of a cosmopolitan city that attracted me the most. I think it is perfect place to start a career, develop it and pursue one’s ambitions. Being an IOMBA student is valuable at many recruiting agencies I’ve visited: it simply puts you on higher level and expands your career horizons.

What do you plan to do after IO-MBA?

I am focusing on obtaining my IOMBA diploma and, following that, I want to continue my banking career in the Swiss market. I am confident that the knowledge, skills, and the international exposure I have gained in the past months will boost my profile and allow me to progress in my career. The skills and tools I have acquired for both self-leadership as well as team and project management will allow me not only to succeed, but also to sustain my achievements.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I would like to obtain a managerial position in the banking sector, where I can make the best use of my leadership and communication skills. I am sure that the combination of the network I built during my time as an IOMBA candidate on the one hand, and my character on the other I don’t only want to obtain a position but to work towards reaching career goals that also allow me to refine and perfect myself individually. That is why IOMBA, which provides as much technical knowledge as it provides and nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit, was such a great experience!

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