Yulia Fedorenko




Kyiv, Ukraine
Fun fact about yourself:
My early childhood dream was
to become an archeologist and
find a key to cracking long-dead
languages. Even though I moved
on to other things, those aspirations
of discoverer remained. Now, my
guilty pleasure lies in deciphering
UN resolutions and digging into the
truth behind vague political


Prior employer and job title:

Researcher and Client Liaison at Shapero Rare Books

Describe one of the major accomplishments in your career so far:

Nothing gives me more personal and professional satisfaction than successfully matching the needs and resources. The biggest achievement of my career as an antiquarian bookseller is helping many rare and unique historical items find their way into public collections and libraries, where they can be freely accessed today by the researchers and general public.

What is the key factor that made you decide to enroll in the IO-MBA?

Last year, I made a definitive decision to change my career and move into the non-profit sector. Even though I have academic training in International Relations, my professional experience lies in a different area. The IO-MBA programme was that perfect solution to help me transit to a new career path. The programme’s curriculum is focused on teaching practical tools and practices used in international and non-profit organizations, while also building on diverse professional experiences of its students.

What do you plan to do after IO-MBA?

After IO-MBA I will be staying in Geneva for a few more years to bring good practices learned in the programme into the work of Geneva-based international organizations.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Working in the External Relations Division of a major international organization.


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