100 Years of Conference Interpreting: Conference posters

Mikhailovskaia Maria
Kalinin Andrei
Simultaneous interpretation of political press conferences: institutional vs. media interpreting

Leahy Anne
Evolution of signed-spoken language platform interpreting 1794-1904

Eugeni Carlo
Bernabé Caro Rocío
Written interpretation - when real-time subtitling meets simultaneous interpreting

Queirós Duarte Pedro Luis
dos Reis Cosme Hugo Filipe
From training to practice - the first steps into the market

de Wit Maya
Crasborn Onno
International Sign interpreters at conferences: how is it different?

Cuminetti Sarah
Interpreting, confidentiality and social media

Cela Gutierrez Cristina
Hoy y hace 100 años de prejuicios e intereses: la imparcialidad como criterio de justicia en la interpretación de conferencias

Ruiz Rosendo Lucía
Varela Garcia Monica
Barghout Alma
Speed in simultaneous interpreting

Minns Philip
Collective action and individual responsability - AIIC's history revisited

Arbona Eléonore
Hand gestures and language comprehension in simultaneous interpreting

Yang Xi Yun
Coping strategies for interpreting into English for non-English native users

Pöchhacker Franz
Monika Stögerer
Fifty years of research on anticipation in simultaneous interpreting: tradition and innovation

Amos Rhona
Can interpreters predict the future?

Keller Laura
Simultaneous interpreting and cognitive control: Are the measures up to par with the complexity of the task?

Li Yinghui
Dong Yanping
A longitudinal study of student interpreters' use of explicitation

Dong Yanping
Neural correlates of the effects of interpreting training on L2 predictive and integrative semantic processing

Collard Camille
Defrancq Bart
A corpus-based study of Ear-Voice Span with special reference to sex

Babcock Laura
Fanton Silvia
Tiselius Elisabet
Ullén Fredrik
Enhancing lexical access abilities through sign language interpreting training

Cochie Wouter
Impact of sentence length on student interpreters' performances

Diur Marie
Ruiz Rosendo Lucía
Conference interpreting competences: looking back and looking forward

Delgado Luchner Carmen Maria
Loiseau Nathalie
A, B and C decoded: insights into the characteristics of interpreter's working languages

Martin Conor
Practice makes perfect: making the most of interpreting practice groups

Verbeke Dirk
Technology in conference interpreter training: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Feder Marcin
Knowledge Profiles (KPs). An in-house, long-term, thematic training programme for interpreters at the European Parliament

Goldsmith Joshua
Hof Michelle
Student-tutor interaction in online interpreter training: Just press play?

Okoniewska Alicja
The place of theory-based modules in conference interpreter training. Students' readiness to accept Critical Discourse Analysis as interpreter learning tool

Schaitza Raquel
Transcriptions as a tool in the development of adaptive interpreting exercise

Egorova Olga
Diversified interpreting training and diverse career opportunities versus traditional interpreting education


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