The conference will take place at the headquarters of the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland (Route des Morillons 4).

Getting to/ from the airport:

You can take the following buses from the airport to get to the city center of Geneva. The nearest bus stop is located at the check-in level of the airport. Buses stop at the airport with every 8 to 16 minutes and will take you to downtown Geneva in less than 20 minutes.


For more detailed information about your journey from the airport to your hotel, simply download the TPG (Transports Publics Genevois, the local public transportation system operator) app on your mobile device (Apple store / Google play) or visit their website.

All trains leaving the airport (Genève-Aéroport) stop at Geneva main station (Genève-Cornavin). The journey takes 7 minutes. Geneva train station is located right in the heart of the city and serves as the main hub for most bus and tram lines. For more information on how to get to your specific destination from the main train station check out the map of the transport system .

Getting a transport pass:

If you travel to Geneva by air simply pick up your free local transport pass from the ticket machine located in the baggage claim area. Free tickets are valid for 80 minutes on all means of public transport.

If you have booked a hostel or hotel in Geneva you are entitled to a free Geneva transport card covering the length of your stay from the date of arrival to the date of departure. This transport card offers free and unlimited use of all means of public transport (within the boundaries of zone 10 - for more information on the fare zone map click here).

Make sure to ask for it when checking in.

Geneva is relatively small and very walkable. If you prefer taking public transport (and do not qualify for a Geneva Transport Card) you can buy a ticket at most bus and tram stops using coins, credit or debit cards. All TPG buses are also equipped with onboard ticket machines allowing you to buy ticket with coins.

The price for the standard ticket, Tout Genève/ All Geneva (zone 10 only), is 3 CHF (2,70€). Remember that this ticket is valid for 60 minutes from the moment you buy it at the ticket machine. Day passes are also available and might be the more economical choice.



If you are staying outside Geneva, you will need to buy a more expensive ticket to cover for both zone 10 (which in itself counts for 2 zones) and the zone where you are staying. At the TPG vending machine, please select the regional ticket option. Remember that the duration of a regional ticket is 120 minutes from the moment you buy it. For more information on the applicable fares, please click here. To know the exact price of your journey, you can also use the Unireso price calculator.

Getting to the ILO
Buses 8, 22, 28 and F stop at International Labour Organization, at 4 route des Morillons, CH-1211, Genève 22, Switzerland. The official name of the stop is “BIT”.

You can take tram number 15 to the end of the line at “Nations” stop, then walk the kilometer (10 minutes) that separates the Palais des Nations from the ILO.

You can take bus number 20 to the “Appia” stop, then walk the  remaining 500 meters (5 minutes).

For a detailed view of all public transport lines described above click below:

Bus 8 - OMS
Bus 22 - Nations
Bus 28 - Jardin Botanique
Bus F - Ferney Mairie/ Gex l’Aiglette
Tram 15 - Nations
Bus 20 - Colovrex

Finding accommodation
Geneva attracts many tourists each year and offers accommodation options in different price ranges, from youth hostels to five-star hotels. Despite the large number of options available, we advise you book your accommodation as early as possible as hotels tend to fill up quickly during the conference season.

The University of Geneva has negotiated special rates with a number of hotels in Geneva. To take advantage of these rates, please send your booking request to so we can reserve the room on your behalf.

Two-Star Hotels

Hôtel des Tourelles
2, Boulevard James Fazy
1201 Genève

Hôtel de Genève
1, Place Isaac Mercier
1201 Genève

Three-Star Hotels

Hôtel Kipling
27, Rue de la Navigattion
1201 Genève

Hôtel Jade
55, Rue Rotschild
1201 Genève

Hôtel Edelweiss
2, Place de la Navigation
1201 Genève

Hôtel Suisse Genève
10, place Cornavin
1201 Genève

Starling Residence Hotel
4, Route des Acacias
1227 Genève

Four-Star Hotels

Hôtel Auteuil
33, Rue de Lausanne
1201 Genève

Hôtel N’Vy
18, Rue de Richemont
1202 Genève

Hôtel Royal
41-49, Rue de Lausanne
1201 Genève

Hôtel Tiffany
20, Rue de l’Arquebuse
1204 Genève

Eastwest Hotel
6, Rue des Pâquis
1201 Genève

Warwick Hotel
14, Rue de Lausanne
1201 Genève

Five-Star Hotels

Hôtel de La Cigogne
17, Place de Longemalle
1204 Genève

Hôtel Le Richemond
8-10, Rue Adhémar Fabri
1201 Genève

Mandarin Oriental Genève
1, Quai Turrettini
1201 Genève

Not satisfied with your choices? Check out one of the following sites for a wide range of  hotels, youth hostels and bed & breakfasts:

Useful link:

Geneva Tourism

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