Master of Arts in Communication and Translation Technology (MATECH (formerly MATIM))





Student testimonials from Fabiola, Martina, Valentina and Volha

See the curriculum of the MATECH programme. It is intended for students who would like to develop their skills in:

  • project management and quality assurance (developing, carrying out and evaluating multilingual projects)
  • translation technology (developing and evaluating translation technology)
  • information and communication techniques (finding and processing multilingual information)
  • webmastering (creating multilingual content on the web)
  • The 120-credit MATECH programme also includes IT development.

This MA is intended for people who hold a BA in translation, communication, linguistics, computer science, the arts, or any other field that is relevant to multilingual language processing. Admission will be based on your application file. You are required to have at least a  C1 level in English under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and a B2 level in French. Unlike the MA in Translation and  Technologies (MATT), the MATECH programme does not include any translation courses. You can choose between two formats: the 90-credit MATECH programme, which takes three semesters (but can be extended up to five semesters) and the 120-credit MATECH programme with a concentration in digital skills, which takes four semesters (but can be extended up to six semesters). The 120-credit programme willl allow you to develop programming skills and study how different technologies work.


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