MA in Multilingual Communication Technology (MATIM)





Student testimonials from Fabiola, Martina, Valentina and Volha

Find out more about the curriculum for the Master in Multilingual Communication Technology (MATIM):

  • project management and quality assurance (developing, carrying out and evaluating multilingual projects)
  • translation technology (developing and evaluating translation technology)
  • information and communication techniques (finding and processing multilingual information)
  • webmastering (creating multilingual content on the web)

This MA is intended for people who hold a BA in translation, communication, linguistics, computer science, the arts, or any other field that is relevant to multilingual language processing. Admission will be based on your application. You are required to have at least a C1 level in English under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and a B2 level in French. Unlike the MA in Translation and Technologies, this programme does not include any translation courses.

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