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Julie Humbert-Droz

Research and Teaching Assistant
Phone: +41 22 37 98866
Office: 6337 - Uni Mail

Teaching Activities
Lexique et ressources langagières
Langues de spécialité
Corpus pour la traduction

Research Interests
Corpus linguistics and textual terminology

PhD Research Project

Analysing de-terminologisation in specialised corpora with a tool-based approach


Julie Humbert-Droz joined the terminology team of the Department of Translation Technology (referred to by its French acronym TIM) as a research and teaching assistant in September 2014, after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Multilingual Communication in 2012 and a Master’s degree in Translation – Translation Technologies in 2014 both at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI) at the University of Geneva. Her interests include textual terminology, variation in terminology, corpus linguistics, circulation of terms between language for general purpose and language for specific purposes (de-terminologisation in particular), and the use of metaphor in terminology. In 2016, she started a joint doctoral thesis in Multilingual Information Processing and Linguistics, supervised by Aurélie Picton, Professor at the University of Geneva, and Anne Condamines, CNRS Senior Researcher at the University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès.