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Along with the FTI, the Interpreting Department is regularly engaged in outreach activities. These include open days, public lectures as well as regular Interpreting Table Talks.

Interpreting Table Talks are interviews aimed at promoting the dissemination of research in the field of interpreting studies by providing leading scholars with a platform to share their insights into the field. Hosted at FTI’s Interpreting Department, Interpreting Table Talks are recorded live to tape (with or without live streaming) and addressed to a student audience interested in seminal work contributing to the body of literature on interpreting. Guests are invited based on their publication record (only recent monographs are considered) but expressions of interest are welcome (please contact int-fti (at)

EMCI Student Meeting 2024

The Interpreting Department hosted the 6th edition of the EMCI Student Meeting in February 2024. More than 60 students from EMCI partner universities attended the three-day event, participating in round tables, master classes and practice sessions. See more about the visit here.

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EMCI 20th Anniversary

Watch the FTI’s contribution to the work of the EMCI over the last 20 years:

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100 Years of Conference Interpreting

2019 marked the centenary of Conference Interpreting, an anniversary celebrated by the whole profession.

See more at

Watch the opening ceremony, panels and keynote presentations here.

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Interpreting table talks (season 1)

Orlando 2017
Monacelli 2017
Pöchhacker 2017
Setton 2016

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Interpreting table talks (season 2)

Bart Defrancq 2018

Baigorri Jalon 2018

Ruiz Rosendo 2018

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Simultaneous Interpreting: where it all began (Kilian G. Seeber)

Interpreting in armed conflicts (Lucia Ruiz Rosendo)

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