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Interpreting studies aims at generating the knowledge necessary for a more comprehensive understanding of interpreting both as a process and a practice. As such, it feeds directly into the training of interpreters and contributes to shaping the working condition governing the profession.

The Interpreting Department has leading expertise in three discrete research areas: research into the cognitive process related to interpreting, research into the nexus between interpreting and technology and research into new forms of interpreting settings.

The professors in the Department coordinate all research projects in these research areas according to their own field of expertise. Additionally, our research teams working in each research line work in close cooperation and share their findings at LabTalk, the Interpreting Department’s fortnightly meetings providing a platform for critical discussion of all matters related to research.

Those interested in joining the team as visiting scholars should contact the coordinator of the respective research area and submit a 1000-word proposal (excluding references) of the project they would like to carry out at the Interpreting Department. Excellence scholarships are available through the Swiss Confederation.

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