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InTTech was born out of the need to address the pervasive role Information and Communication Technologies play in modern professional interpreting. Cloud computing, the tablet revolution and the seemingly unrestricted access to information not only shape the interpreter’s workplace but also the way in which interpreters are trained. Firmly rooted in an evidence-based approach, InTTech’s mission is one of applying, if need be re-purposing, or developing new technologies in order to assist interpreters during training and on the job.


Kilian G. Seeber

Team members:

Dr. Carmen Delgado Luchner, Concept & content developer

Dr. Manuela Motta, Concept & content developer

Dr. Barbara Class, Learning Technologies specialist

Philippe Baudrion, IT developer

Florian Mortgat, IT developer

Tobias Wehrli, IT developer

Jesus Gonzalez, AV technician

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EPM@TEuropean Parliament Online Training MATerials

A course developed as a self-contained, self-administered online training module facilitating the acquisition of knowledge about the structure of the European Parliament as well as its principal legislative decision-making processes. The module therefore covers the first two of the four key areas identified by the interpreting service of the European Parliament as essential for newly accredited interpreters.

Co-funded by the European Union, DGINTE, Grant EP (completed)


This online clearinghouse for consecutive note-taking symbols was developed as a web-based responsive design application allowing interpreting students to share their consecutive symbols. Along with the usual features such as word or symbol searches, it also features a tactile interface allowing symbols to be drawn by hand or with the help of a stylus.

Co-funded by COINF, UNIGE (completed)

SimTxtSim I

A basic online course for interpreting students and professional interpreters aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of the processes involved in “simultaneous interpreting with text” including a set of systematic and targeted training activities to hone the skills required to perform this complex task.

Co-funded by the European Union, DGINTE, Grant EP (completed)

SimTxtSim II

An advanced online course for interpreting students and professional interpreters building on the fundamentals covered in SimTxtSim I and covering more complex scenarios of “simultaneous interpreting with text” in order to meet the professional requirements of the European Institutions.

Co-funded by the European Union, DGINTE, Grant EP (ongoing)


A cloud-based environment specifically tailored for the training of interpreters and translators in a purely online or a blended format. Based on the principles of guided exploration and collaborative learning, the meshing of asynchronous and synchronous tools with the underlying pedagogical scaffolding allows for learner-centered experience.

Co-funded by FTI, UNIGE (ongoing)

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