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The Interpreting department site is under construction. Please consult the version in French for the most up to date information.

Volunteers are an important part of the research process, as without volunteers many studies would not be possible. Particularly when attempting to study phenomena in very small populations, such as highly proficient bilinguals, the contribution of volunteers is invaluable.

Volunteering for a research project is your own personal choice – you have no obligation to do so and you might decide that participation is not the right choice for you. Importantly, even if you decide to abort and leave a study, you may do so at any time and for any reason.

All studies carried out at FTI involving human subjects abide by the University of Geneva’s code of ethics and require approval from its ethics board.

Eligibility requirements vary for each study. There is no guarantee that every individual who wants to participate in a trial qualifies, or that every individual who qualifies can be enrolled. If you have questions about eligibility and possible participation, simply contact us (contact information provided next to each study listing).

Before deciding to participate in a study, you will be asked to review an informational document called an informed consent form. This form will provide key facts about the study so that you can decide if participating is right for you. You must sign the informed consent form in order to participate in the study, however, you may still choose to leave the study at any time.

Research potentially involves some level of risk or discomfort for participants. To help you make an informed decision, the study team is required to tell you about all known risks and discomfort prior to the study.

If you have questions when deciding to join a research study or at any time during it, ask a member of the study team. If your questions or concerns are not satisfactorily addressed, contact the study's principal investigator. All contact details are provided next to the study listing.

Current studies:

Title Remote interpreting
Closes by 15 December 2021
Eligibility Professional conference interpreter
B/C language: English
A language: French, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian
Normal (or corrected-to-normal) vision
If corrected vision, preferably contacts
Objective Collecting psychophysiological data during different types of remote interpreting (and related tasks)
Tasks Comprehension of sentences
Production of sentences
Interpretation of sentences
Interpretation of discourse
Judging the size of objects
Duration 2 ½ hours
Remuneration 100.- CHF COOP gift card
Sign up link DOODLE



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