Computer and Audiovisual Resources

Computer Rooms

The University provides students with a number of computer rooms including three at the Faculty : Room 6293, Room 6289 and Room 6281 Translation Tools Lab.

The 6th-floor PC rooms have been designed with students of the Faculty in mind and offer a large range of software especially designed for translators. Our Windows platform is multilingual and the Microsoft Office series is available in the 6 active languages of the Faculty. The software includes translation memories, terminology management systems, machine translation systems, and speech recognition programmes.

Computer room rules and guidelines

Computer room rules and guidelines are laid out in the user regulations. Opening hours are posted on the signboard on the computer room doors.

Computer-room assistants

Monitors are available to help students resolve any computer problems they may have. They will only be available in room M6293 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.



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