Research groups

The Faculty has several specialised research groups and teams such as:

These research groups develop projects, including:

Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius)

  • LETRINT: Legal Translation in International Institutional Settings: Scope, Strategies and Quality Markers
  • HTLF : Histoire des traductions en langue française
  • Legal Translation in Context

Observatoire élf

  • MIME : Mobilité et inclusion dans une Europe multilingue
  • ch-x : Suisse ― Société multiculturelle
  • CreaQuest

Department of Translation Technology (TIM)

  • ACCEPT : Automated Community Content Editing PorTal
  • CALL-SLT : Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • CRISTAL : Contextes RIches en ConnaissanceS pour la TrAduction terminoLogique
  • IM2 : Interactive Multimodal Information Management
  • Trainslate : Traduction automatique de la parole vers la langue des signes

Interpreting Department

  • LaborInt: Laboratory for research in interpreting and complex language processing tasks

See Research per department.