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26 mars 2013 - "Subtitling: key features and latest trends" par Mme Annalisa Sandrelli

key features and latest trends"
(en anglais)
Annalisa Sandrelli
Université de LUSPIO, Rome

Mardi, 26 mars 2013 à 15h15
Salle 6050 à Uni Mail

The lecture will provide an overview of subtitling as one of the main translation modes available within the audiovisual translation (AVT) sector, and will focus on the latest trends. After a brief introduction to AVT in general, subtitling will be analysed in its distinguishing features, namely time, space and the transformation of speech into writing, by making reference to relevant research. The main subtitling strategies will be reviewed and a few special cases will be illustrated by means of practical examples. Reference will be made to recent research carried out in specific settings, such as electronic subtitles for film festivals and live subtitling via respeaking for television.

19 mars 2013