Department of Translation Technology

Research Associate I
Telephone: +41 (0)22 37 98682
Office: 6338 - UNI MAIL

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Research Interests
Speech Recognition
Multimodal Interaction
Natural Language Processing

Dr. Nikos Tsourakis is a Research Associate at the Department of Translation Technology (referred to by its French acronym TIM). His research interests concentrate on multimodal interaction, voice user interfaces, multilingual dialogue systems, NLP and evaluation. He is the author of "Machine Learning Techniques for Text" and has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications in relevant areas. He has also served as an expert reviewer for the European Commission in the context of FP7. Currently he is an AWS Academy Educator.

Before joining TIM/FTI he worked as a software engineer developing telephone-based speech recognition applications. He has extensive experience in designing, building and evaluating systems targeted to end-users, and also solving problems from the back-end until the front-end of an application. At the moment, he is lead developer in the project "Designing and Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Based CALL Systems", funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

He holds a BSc (5 years degree) in Computer Engineering, an MSc in Computer Engineering and an MSc in Engineering Management from TU Crete. He also holds a PhD from the University of Geneva.

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