Multi-mechanism metamaterials study

Aleksi Bossart


Multi-mechanism metamaterials have received very little attention, in light of their potential usefulness for tailored mechanical responses. We investigate a class of multimodal mechanical metamaterials arising from tiling the plane with a single bimodal cell. We propose an alternative to the compatibility matrix description of the zero modes in the form of a combinatorial model based on the linearized geometric constraints. Using this model, we describe the rich mechanism phenomenology of our material. In particular, we present multimodal metamaterials with a number of zero modes that remains constant with increasing system size, as well as peculiar linearly decaying modes. We also present quasicrystals with a number of mechanisms increasing logarithmically with the perimeter. We plan to validate our predictions using a combination of finite-element simulations and elasticity experiments. Finally, we show that our approach is easily transposed to other primitive cells or to higher dimensions.


GAP, Département de physique Appliquée
22 ch. de Pinchat, 1227 Carouge
Seminar room 3