J.-P. Wolf, V. Kilin, L. Bonacina

Harmonic Nanoprobes for biomedical applications (Prof. J.-P. Wolf, Dr. V. Kilin, Dr. L. Bonacina)

Harmonic Nanoprobes are a new class of nonlinear probes that generate demonstrate outstanding optical properties:

  • spectrally harmonics are generated hundreds of nanometers away from excitation
  • photoimmortality
  • unlimited number of emitted photons
  • spectral flexibility of excitation and emission
  • determination of individual probe spatial orientation
  • phase-coherent optical response
  • possibility to use the same probes in visible and IR region.

These characteristics make harmonic probes a superior substitution for fluorescence-based probes.

The INNOGAP funding (30'000 CHF) awarded for the synthesis of new organic harmonic probes with the possibility of controlling nonlinear properties. This innovative approach opens up new opportunities for application of harmonic probes in multiphoton microscopy and the development of new entirely nonlinear optical biomedical devices.