Scientifica building picture


Last 4th and 5th September was held the Scientifica exhibition at Zürich. It is more than 60 exhibition stands, over 50 short lectures, stimulating discussions in the Science Cafés, active participation in workshops and exciting insights on the guided tours. Great offer also for children and young people or the whole family. Our group had the chance to animate a booth with others NCCR MUST members and under the theme: Research as fast as lightning, “If you want to understand how lightning strikes might be prevented by lasers, how photovoltaic of the future may look like, or how drugs are absorbed by the body, you have to look at the fastest and shortest-lived processes in nature”.

More informations : NCCR MUST at Scientifica

The network, with the Demo Laser and Stroboscope (Korinna and Jan)

Organic solar cells (Banerji: Kaila Yallum, Rishi Shivhare, Gareth Moore)

Laser Lightning Rod (Wolf: Ugo Andral, Thomas Produit)

Virtual Chemistry (Markus Meuwly, Silvan Käser, Luis Vasquez-Salazar)