GISIN'14 - The Greatest Inspiration Surely Is Nonlocality

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8th - 12th September

Would you agree with the following :

  • The world is nonlocal
  • The world is understandable (at least step by step)
  • The key concepts to understand the world can be expressed in simple terms
  • Some of the consequences of the next theory can be tested in low energy physics

If yes, it is my great pleasure to invite you to a nice workshop in the Swiss Alp next September 8-12 to discuss about “nonlocality” and about “macroscopic entanglement” in a relaxed atmosphere.

Location: The event will take place at Art Furrer Hotels in typical Swiss fashion – in the mountains and spas! A programme consisting of a series of long and short talks, interspersed with plenty of time for discussions, is planned to ensure a fascinating and productive time for all!

Getting There

For those of you traveling by train from Geneva, we are proposing to travel together.

Time Platfrom Train
Geneva Airport (dep) 09:23 2 IR 1713
Geneva (dep) 09:33 4 IR 1713
Brig (arr) 12:02 6 Walk (7')
Brig Bahnhofplatz (dep) 12:23 11MGB R 542
Mörel (arr) 12:33 Walk (5')
Mörel ARBAG (dep) 12:40 LB 31
Riederalp Mitte (arr) 12:50 Walk (10')

Here is a link to a map that gives a rough guide for the walk from Riederalp Mitte to the hotel.

We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to seeing you there!

List of confirmed participants

Antonio Acin, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Tomer Barnea, Jonathan Barrett, Joseph Bowles, Cyril Branciard, Jonatan Brask, Hans Briegel, Nicolas Brunner, Caslav Brukner, Harry Buhrman, Felix Bussières, Daniel Cavalcanti, Brad Christensen, Florian Fröwis, Nicolas Gisin, Flavien Hirsch, Paul Kwiat, Yeong-Cherng Liang, Lluis Masanes, Serge Massar, Miguel Navascues Cobo, Carlos Palazuelos, Stefano Pironio, Sandu Popescu, Gilles Pütz, Matthew Pusey, Marco Tulio Quintino, Denis Rosset, Nicolas Sangouard, Valério Scarani, Pavel Sekatski, Ralph Silva, Paul Skrzypczyk, Robert Thew, Wolfgang Tittel, Stephanie Wehner, Stefan Wolf.


Organiser: Nicolas Gisin
Registration: Isabel Vico Flecher


  • The programme is available here
  • Welcome dinner on Monday evening
  • Hike to the suspended bridge followed by a Raclette on Wednesday