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 +====== Quantum Cryptography Landmark ======
 +{{:​news:​old_news:​genevelausanneScheme.jpg?​nolink&​200 |}}
 +The Group'​s '​Quantum key distribution over 67 km with a plug & play system'​ article in the New
 +Journal of Physics has been selected as one of the journal'​s [[http://​njp.org/​10years|10th
 +anniversary highlights]].To accompany the shortlist they have put together an exclusive collection
 +of [[http://​www.iop.org/​EJ/​journal/​-page=featauths/​1367-2630| non-specialist summaries]] written by
 +the original authors themselves. Read the
 +[[http://​www.iop.org/​EJ/​abstract/​1367-2630/​4/​1/​341|original article]] or the interview with
 +[[http://​www.iop.org/​EJ/​journal/​-page=featauth/​-author=1443/​1367-2630|Nicolas Gisin]].