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 +====== "For Their Outstanding Theoretical And Experimental Studies On Quantum Entanglement"​ ======
 +{{:​news:​old_news:​ValerioSingaporePrize.jpg?​nolink&​200 |}}
 +The NUS team, together with Dr Alexander Ling and some co-workers from the University of Geneva,
 +have produced a series of studies on one of the most counter-intuitive consequences of
 +entanglement:​ the fact that a joint system may have sharply defined properties, while none of its
 +components have. For their outstanding theoretical and experimental studies on quantum
 +entanglement,​ Associate Professor Christian Kurtsiefer, Assistant Professor Antia Lamas-Linares and
 +Associate Professor Valerio Scarani (formerly in the GAP) were awarded the 2008 National
 +(singapore) Science Award. More information can be found