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 +====== 18 months of real-world quantum key distribution ======
 +{{:​news:​old_news:​sqlogo.png?​nolink&​150 |}}
 +In a recently published [[publications:​bib:​stucki2011a|article]],​ researchers from our group, other Swiss research facilities and [[http://​www.idquantique.com|Id Quantique]] report the results of the [[http://​www.swissquantum.com|Swiss Quantum]] network. The network used quantum key distribution for secure communication between the University of Geneva, CERN and the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva. The network has been running reliably for more than 18 month in real-world conditions, which proves that the technology can live up to commercial requirements. The Swiss news paper [[http://​www.letemps.ch|Le Temps]] also published an {{:​news:​letemps_20111203.pdf|article (French)}} about these findings.