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 +====== ​ 2014 Quantum Communication Award ======
 +[[http://​qcmc2014.ustc.edu.cn/​|{{:​news:​qcmc2014.png?​350 | }}]]
 +[[members:​nicolas_gisin|Prof. Nicolas Gisin]] has been honored by the  [[http://​qcmc2014.ustc.edu.cn/​index.php/​news/​13/​15/​Quantum-Communication-Award-2014|2014 Quantum Communication Award]] ​ "for his pioneering contributions to the advancement of quantum communications,​ quantum cryptography,​ and related technologies” . The prize will be presented at the Conference on Quantum Communication,​ Measurement and Computing (QCMC) XII in November in China.
 +{{tag>​QCMC 2014 award Nicolas Gisin}}