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-====== ​Video - Guest Lecture Quantum key distribution in practice  ​======+====== ​How quantum correlations transcend space and time ======
-{{youtube>​lKvUvKdVBpQ?small }} +{{youtube>​OKX50RzedKE?small }} 
-In the recent ​video lecture  ​[[members:​nicolas_gisin|Professor Nicolas Gisin]] ​and DrMatthieu Legré introduce to the practical implementations ​of Quantum Key Distribution in [[http://​www.idquantique.com ​|ID-Quantique]] and its commercialisation efforts. +In the [[http://​spookyactionbook.com/​2015/​11/​30/​an-interview-with-nicolas-gisin-video/​|recent interview]] ​[[members:​nicolas_gisin|Professor Nicolas Gisin]] ​explains why quantum correlations emerge from outside spacetime​  
-They explain the commercial side of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) and their impact for modern ​technologies+He briefly discusses fundamental and counterintuitive nature ​of the observed ​[[publications:bib:​zbinden2001|nonlocal correlations]] which cannot be explained by modern ​studies