Nonlocality and Entanglement

Bell inequalities provide a powerful approach for studying both entanglement and nonlocality. They have had an enormous impact on the foundations of quantum physics as well as the practical aspects of quantum technologies such as quantum key distributions (QKD). Here, we are studying both theoretically and experimentally fundamental questions about these concepts. For the former, our work ranges from very foundational topics, such as the characterisation of nonlocal correlations between physical systems, to very pragmatic issues in QKD. Our experimental work concerns primarily the implementation of various fundamental tests on quantum predictions, specifically those in relation to quantum nonlocality. In achieving these tests, we are also developing the techniques to efficiently and coherently couple multiple quantum systems; these techniques will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in future quantum technologies.

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Team: Marc-Olivier Renou, Tomer Barnea, Nicolas Gisin

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