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-<​blockquote>​Physics is fascinating because of the intellectual excitement it provides and because of the applications it offers. In the **[[http://​www.unige.ch/​sciences/​index.html|Group of Applied Physics (GAP)]]** at **[[http://​unige.ch|Geneva University]]** we get our inspiration from both of these motivations. Optics, in this respect, has a privileged place. Indeed, in modern optics, experiments and theory progress hand-in-hand,​ and practical applications are close behind. Consequently,​ we can work both on conceptual issues and on applications. Moreover, it is a very good time for optics! The fascinating new insight about quantum mechanics brought about by recent quantum optics experiments on one side, and the tremendous development of optical communications on the other, illustrates our privileged position! 
-The American Research Council has recently declared optics as the technology of the 21st century. In contrast, a famous physicist, Michael Berry, has declared that the 21st century will be shaped by quantum physics, in a way similar to electrodynamics,​ which shaped the 20th century. Our position in **[[start|GAP-Optique]]**,​ at the crossroads between optics and quantum physics, ensures our participation to both challenges. 
- ​**<​cite>​Prof. Nicolas Gisin, Group Leader</​cite>​**</​blockquote>​ 
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