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Séminaire "Knowledge co-creation for sustainability decision making" - 03 Avril


Le prochain Séminaire du Pôle / Institut GEDT aura lieu le Mercredi 3 avril, de 12h15 à 13h45, à Uni-Carl Vogt salle 003.

Lors de ce séminaire, Anna Scolobig, collaboratrice scientifique au sein du GEDT, présentera ses recherches sur le Knowledge co-creation for climate risk and sustainability decision making:challenges and prospects, dont voici le résumé:

"Knowledge co-creation for climate risk and sustainability decision making:challenges and prospects
Contemporary applications of decision science are breaking new ground by co-creating knowledge, by explicitly accounting for stakeholders’ diverse perspectives and by developing new models for co-designing decision options between experts and stakeholders. These models and processes have proven valuable for promoting a wider acceptance of shared goals and new solutions in different sectors, including climate change and sustainability. However they face a number of challenges such as providing an accurate representation of the dynamic interactions between social and natural systems, identifying social parameters for the modelling of complex systems, integrating qualitative data in the co-design of technical options and reaching a compromise solution in case of conflicts between stakeholders. I will present how these challenges have been addressed in three case studies, respectively focused on: i) river catchment dynamics in some French Alpine communities; ii) socio-hydrology modelling, with a preliminary application in a German city and iii) a stakeholder engagement process to co-design a landslide risk mitigation plan in Italy. The conclusion streamline a research agenda on knowledge co-creation for climate risk and sustainability decision making."

30 mars 2019
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