Actualités 2020

New podcast: Krittika Uniyal on the Belt and Road Initiative


Krittika Uniyal, PhD student at the GEDT and 2020 winner of the SNIS IO Research Stipend, recently took part in an interview to present her research. 

Krittika’s Ph.D. research - "Challenging the Status Quo: Critical Geopolitics of the Belt and Road Initiative through the Trans-Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region" -  examines the initiative in China’s current foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Nepal. She argues that culture and value systems play an essential part in determining the behaviour of a nation-state in the international system. Her research borrows extensively from the non-Western IR theories emerging specifically from China and largely from the Global South. In contributing to this, her research examines the discourses of critique and justification concerning Nepal’s participation in China’s BRI.

Listen to the podcast here

17 décembre 2020
  Actualités 2020