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New publication : Handbook of Transdisciplinarity



Roderick J. Lawrence, Honorary Professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, has edited a book about transdisciplinarity. The title of the new publication is Handbook of Transdisciplinarity : Global Perspectives. This expansive Handbook guides readers through a multi-layered landscape of the interpretations and uses of transdisciplinary thinking and practices worldwide. It advances understanding of the strengths and limits of transdisciplinary research in the context of societal power relations, institutional structures and social inequalities.

Original chapters from 116 scholars and experts in 27 countries create a multi-cultural constellation of conceptual and methodological approaches to transdisciplinary research, teaching, training and community projects, showcasing the diversity and plurality of transdisciplinary contributions. Framed through the core themes of thinking, doing and being, this Handbook thoroughly reviews key topics including philosophies and theories, research and practice, education and training and financial and institutional resources with examples from innovative transdisciplinary global projects.

5 mai 2023
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